Officehotel Valby

In Valby, Officehotel has had an address since 2011. We are located on Høffdingsvej opposite Byens Skole, along the railway opposite the new Grønttorvet, between Vigerslev Allé and Gammel Køge Landevej - in the heart of Valby, where you are close to everything - and yet away from the hectic city atmosphere.

Get a little insight right here into how everyday life is at the Officehotel in Valby.

Close to S-train and motorway

Our office hotel in Valby is close to perfect in terms of public transport. The closest train station is Vigerslev Allé St., which you can walk to in a few minutes. In addition, the new metro station København Syd (Ny Ellebjerg St.) and Valby St. is within walking distance.

If you come by car, we are only a few minutes from the exit to the highway. You can park your car on the street or in our shared parking spaces. We also have parking spaces that you can rent on a monthly basis.

Parking - a spot for your car every day

NEW! We have installed 7 new electric charging points in Valby.
In Valby we are so lucky to have a number of parking spaces around our property, which you can be allowed to park for at a monthly fee. Then you are sure to have a spot for your car!

Learn more about our parking spaces here.

Our largest office hotel

Our office hotel in Valby is larger than the one in Brønshøj. There are some who weigh this heavily - others like it small. We have 83 office rooms and 6 meeting rooms that you reserve online when you need them.
Even though it is bigger than in Brønshøj, the atmosphere is still very down to earth, and we are personal and at eye level with you all. We take pride in that.

Lunch just around the corner

It is not far to either Netto or Rema 1000 - and the center of Valby has a whole bunch of ​​lunch providers that can also be reached within walking distance. If you have your own packed lunch, this can be stored in our shared kitchens. You can enjoy lunch in our common canteen.

Several in the house are registered with a lunch supplier, with whom you can enter into an agreement if you want to.

Fitness on the same plot

We are so lucky to have Arca just around the corner. Several of our tenants take advantage of it. Arca is the old 'Crossfit Copenhagen', and they have a number of team trainings that you can sign up for either morning or afternoon.

Learn more about Arca here

Square meters
Meeting rooms

Floor plans

Ground floor is on the same floor as our entrance. If you get a lot of guests during the day, it could be an advantage for you to choose an office on this floor.

On the floor you have: The entrance, reception, mailboxes, 3 meeting rooms, kitchenette, coffee machine, 2 toilets and 23 office rooms.


Mange foretrækker roen på 1. salen, hvor der ikke er mødelokaler tilgængeligt. Er du typen, der ikke bruger mødefaciliter så meget – eller bare gerne vil have ro, så er dette etagen for dig.

On the floor you have: 25 office rooms, nice bright rooms, quiet surroundings, 2 toilets, kitchenette and coffee machine.


This floor is typically chosen by tenants because there is a roof terrace and plenty of light. It is also a floor with lots of tranquility and a single meeting room.

On the floor you have: 17 office rooms, 1 meeting room, roof terrace, kitchenette, coffee machine and 2 toilets.


Denne etage er vores lille afdeling, da her ikke er mange kontorlokaler. Lejerne her synes det er hyggeligt, at her er så småt – og så er udsigten også ret god.

On the floor you have: 10 office rooms, 1 meeting room, small lounge area, kitchenette, coffee machine and 2 toilets.


In the basement you will find the canteen, which is very large and has room for everyone. A few tenants have premises here as well and otherwise it is mostly storage space down here.

On the floor you have: 11 rooms, canteen and bathing facilities.


Current vacant offices in Valby

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