In the FAQ below you can find answers to the questions we are most often asked. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are of course welcome to call us on +45 31 25 60 60 or write to us at

An office hotel is a property where several companies can rent into smaller, private offices and share common facilities.


The benefits of choosing an office hotel are first and foremost that all the practicalities are arranged for you. You do not have to invest in a coffee machine or think about renovations, reception area, toilet facilities, etc. You can also move in fairly quickly, as you no longer have to make preparations and take over leases first. Minimum contract period and flexibility are typically also some of the benefits that tenants appreciate in an office hotel - the certainty that you can quickly move from lease to lease provides peace of mind.

NEW! We have installed 7 new electric charging points in Valby. Learn more here.

In both our locations you can park your car for free in the surrounding streets. The same applies for your guests.

In Valby we have a number of common parking spaces assigned to the Officehotel. There are signs with 'Officehotel' by the parking spaces you can park at. It is first come, first served and you may only stay with one car per company.

In addition, it is possible to rent a permanent parking space in Valby. Read more about our parking offer here Gæster kan benytte vores gæsteparkering mod betaling via APCOA FLOW eller EasyPark. I Brønshøj kan du parkere i gratis i gården som Officehotel lejer. Du skal blot registrere din nummerplade hos APCOA - spørg i receptionen. Dine gæster kan også parkere i gården ved brug af Easy Park eller APCOA Flow. Vær opmærksom på, at der er begrænset antal pladser i gården. Fra efteråret 2023 er det muligt at leje en flydende eller fast plads i den spritnye p-kælder i Brønshøj med nedkørsel fra Gadelandet.

At Officehotel you can move in relatively quickly - or we can make sure to reserve a room for you with our office warranty. In other words, we adapt the move-in to your needs, and this can often be done with a good week's notice if the office is ready. We make sure your chosen office is renovated as needed. We thus deliver the lease in proper condition, so you take over a lease according to the standard. Once you have signed your lease agreement we will prepare the room for moving in with or without furniture (on request). Then we are ready to welcome you. On moving day, we will of course hand over your key tag as well as an assigned mailbox. If you want a company name on the door, we will also arrange for that.

Several tenants have already taken advantage of the opportunity to move from one room to another because they either get more employees or have to lay off some. That's no problem for us! You just reach out to us and let us know your needs and desires - then we will find a solution together. Our flexible relationship means that we can move you from office to office quite quickly without much hassle.

The deposit must be put down within 14 days of signing the contract. The deposit corresponds to 3 months rent.

Our tenants are very individual when it comes to furniture. Some prefer to have their own, others just want the easiest option. So, we leave it up to you to choose. You can choose to bring your own furniture with you when you move to your new office - and only pay for renting the room. If you want us to provide the furniture, we will include it in your contract with an extra fixed monthly charge. In Brønshøj, we can offer furniture at a monthly rent of DKK 400 per furniture set. If you wish to know the price in Valby, please contact us. Or you can buy the furniture sets from us as a one-time expense when moving in. It's up to you.

Our office furniture is ergonomic and stylish in design. But we are well aware that it is a question of taste and pleasure - therefore you are welcome to inquire about the furniture and try them out before you decide.


We must have your termination notice in writing. The notice period is 3 months to the 1st of the month.



We generally experience a concern from new tenants about the deposit as they fear losing it due to moving expenses. However, since we are 100% transparent, we have already stipulated the moving expenses in the lease before signing. This means that you already know the amount for moving out when you move in - and we simply deduct this price from the deposit, so you get the remaining amount paid out when you move.


The room must be vacated 10 working days before the notice of termination expires. We ensure the renovation of the room, which will take us 10 working days. The agreed moving expenses, which is stipulated in the lease, is deducted when calculating the deposit. The remaining amount is then paid out.

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Our main focus is that our tenants do not incur any unexpected expenses here with us.