Office furniture

Furniture for your new office - what to choose?

At Officehotel, we experience that it is very different from tenant to tenant whether they want to rent an office space with or without furniture. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to choose it on or off, just as it suits you.

Your office is private and only you and your employees need to use your premises, so you are welcome to decorate it just the way you like. Maybe you do not care that the office furniture is ergonomic? Maybe you would rather sit in an armchair while working? Maybe you need to sit on a gym ball? Maybe you need not only table and chair but also bookshelves, a small meeting section, a sofa? The options for decor are many, and our needs are different.

With us you have three options:

1. Rent an office furniture set from us 

At Officehotel, we provide furniture sets consisting of a table and a chair. In Brønshøj, you can rent a furniture set for DKK 400 per set per month (for Valby furniture prices, please ask us). The furniture is ergonomic and with raising and lowering tables in different sizes and looks depending on our departments. You are welcome to contact us if you want a presentation of the various available furniture.

2. Bring your own furniture

Most tenants choose to bring their own furniture. Maybe you come from a previous lease where you have already purchased furniture - or maybe our kind of furniture is not your style so you choose to bring your own. You are more than welcome to do so. It also means you save on the rent.

3. Buy our furniture sets when moving in 

It is also an option that you buy the furniture sets we make available. Then it is yours to own and you can take it with you when you vacate the lease one day. You pay for the furniture in cash upon takeover.


It's up to you!

Contact us for more details about the furniture as well as prices and options.

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