Flexible terms

We strive to make it easy to be a tenant at Officehotel

At Officehotel you rent a private office with flexible terms and honest prices. This means that we include all necessities in the rent, give you a transparent termination agreement and generally go to great lengths to meet your needs. You pay a fixed price for your office space, which is priced based on the size and location of the room - this includes all the necessary facilities that you need during your working day. In addition to very basic necessities such as electricity, water, heating and internet, we also include parcel and mail reception, meeting rooms, shared canteen and coffee / tea as well as fruit. All facilities are shared with the other tenants, with whom you also have the opportunity to have a community with if you wish. Such great conditions!

Flexibility and peace of mind

As a tenant, you need to spend a great deal of time at our property, and thus we want to meet your wishes as best we can so you can feel at home in the new surroundings. We have over 10 years of experience in the market and therefore know the challenges it entails when you want to find a new office for your working day. We want to make it as easy and comforting for you as possible. Therefore, you get everything you need included in the rent as a standard. But we also know that we are all different and have needs that may differ from the average tenant. That is why we are always open to special wishes. We often solve our tenants' wishes, so do not hesitate to ask. In addition to our compliance, the flexibility consists of clear termination terms as well as a number of options in addition to the standard package. Among other things, we offer rental of furniture as well as other additions such as a permanent parking space and massage discounts and the like. And there are in between other internal offers from the other tenants who want to offer a "neighbor discount".

How about the furniture?

Several tenants want to bring their own furniture, but for some it is also nice that it is taken care of. Therefore, we offer the following options: 1. bring your own furniture with you. 2. we rent out the number of furniture sets (table and chair) that you need for a fixed, monthly addition to your rent. 3. you can buy furniture sets through us as a cash purchase upon takeover. You decide!

Can we handle a quick move-in?

Yes we can! You can often move in at short notice when the room is vacant. No matter how fast you move in, we always make sure to go through a renovation of the individual room before you move in. We make sure to give the premises the necessary renovation - e.g. we paint the walls and replace the carpets if needed. On the day of the move, we have the room ready for you, and we naturally make sure that the movers have free passage. You will be given key tags, code for the alarm, rules of order, code for the wi-fi and instructions on how to book a meeting room, etc. You will also be offered a tour of the house to review the various common facilities we have in the house.

What do we do when our company grows?

One of the benefits that our tenants often point out is the ability to move easily and quickly to a larger office space without hassle. We have several tenants who have undergone this kind of relocation, for example Maze Marketing, who has moved to other office spaces several times. They point out how easy it is to just move to a new office down the hall instead of having to move address to completely new surroundings with completely different terms to get acquainted with. This means that you can move at a comfortable pace fairly easily and often from month to month. We simply make a change to your existing contract with the customized formalities and price changes, and then you are almost ready to move. It gives you peace of mind to know that it is easy to grow in the physical sense should you have a company that is already growing, but without a concrete prospect of more employees.

Not sure whether we are the right office hotel for you?

We know how difficult it can be to find the right place - and how important it is to feel comfortable in everyday life. That is why it is important for us to offer you flexibility - especially in the beginning. Give us a call and ask your questions by phone +45 31 25 60 60 today - or send us an email info@officehotel.dk.
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