Office warranty

We guarantee an office - and help you out of double rent.

Depending on where you move from, it can be confusing for some to have to vacate a lease. The vast majority of places have a notice period of 3 months, and this means that you get double rent if the new place does not offer an office warranty.

Don't worry - we do!

If we have an office available that you want to move into, we can reserve it for you against payment of a deposit for the room. Easy and simple! That way you avoid double rent and at the same time secure a new office space with an easy and quick move-in when you are ready for it.

And what about termination at Officehotel?

At Officehotel you have a 3 months notice, which is standard in most places.

The termination move itself is often also a general concern from new tenants. We experience many being in doubt about the rules for the deposit as they fear losing it due to moving expenses. However, since we are 100% transparent, we have already stipulated the moving expenses in the lease before signing. This means that you already know the amount for moving out before even moving in - and we simply deduct this price from the deposit, so you get the remaining amount paid out when you move out.

Simple concept - honest prices.

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