Rent a parking space

Officehotel in Valby

At our office hotel in Valby you get free parking in the streets as well as selected number of common parking spaces around the property assigned to the Officehotel (see the blue spaces on the floor plan below). In the common spaces for Officehotel tenants, parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, and you may only park with one car per company.

You also have the option of renting your own parking spot around the property. I you wish to rent a parking space, please contact Charlotte Bagger at, and she will inform you about prices and details. If you choose to rent a parking space, you will be allocated a spot (one of the white spaces on the floor plan below).

Guests can park at the guest parking (the green spaces on the plan below). Payments must be made via APCOA FLOW or EasyPark parking apps.

Officehotel in Brønshøj

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a private parking space in Brønshøj.
In stead, you will have to park in the streets our in the courtyard which is free parking.

Officehotel in Valby: See where you can park

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